School Age Program

Elementary Schools We Service

We service the following schools before and after school: Burchett Elementary (Spring ISD), Hirsch Elementary (Spring ISD), Marshall Elementary (Spring ISD), Smith Elementary (Spring ISD), Winship Elementary (Spring ISD)

We service the following schools after school: Broadway Elementary (Conroe ISD) and Snyder Elementary (Conroe ISD)

Before School Care

Any school age children that need care before school need to arrive between 6:30am and 6:55am so that they may have breakfast (if wanted) then be ready to leave by 7:00am with their driver. We will have daily activities for your child during this time frame until they leave for school.

After School Care

After arriving at our center, children will hang up their belongings on their assigned hook, then proceed to washing their hands and having a nutritious snack. After snack, all children participate in outside time on our brand new playground. When not outside, the children will be in their assigned focused learning area for the day (see focused learning areas below). In each focused learning area, there is an area for children to do their homework if they desire.

Simplified Billing

Our school age tuition is the same all school year long in an effort to make budgeting easier for our families. You will not have to pay any additional fees on school holidays AND your child can attend our school all day, AND will be provided all meals!

Outdoor Space

Our outdoor area for our school age children consists of three oversized play areas. The first area is a large play structure consisting of six slides, rock/climbing walls, and several interactive panels all under a shade canopy with synthetic grass for the surfacing. The second area is a basketball court as well as a concrete area with hopscotch and four square. The third area is a large grass field for group games and those special days when we have obstacle courses, blow up items, etc.

How Does the Transportation Work

We transport children to and from the schools that we service via our fleet of buses and vans, which are regularly maintained and serviced to ensure your child is always safe on the road. All drivers receive a minimum of two hours of vehicle safety training annually in addition to their 30 hours of annual training they already receive. All children that attend Marshall Elementary are transported via the Spring ISD transportation department.

Focused Learning Areas

STEM Center

In the STEM Center,   

Your child will have access to Kindles, Computers, and numerous STEM based education centers including:

-Engineer a Coaster Activity Kits

-Design and Build Engineering Centers (Bridge building, vehicle building, and house building)

-Giant Roller Ramps

-Gears, gears, and more gears


And much more

PC Picassos

In our PC Picassos focused learning center, children will focus on art and it's benefits, such as:


· By elementary school, students can use descriptive words to discuss their own creations or to talk about what feelings are elicited when they see different styles of artwork.

· The experience of making decisions and choices in the course of creating art carries over into other parts of life.

· When kids are encouraged to express themselves and take risks in creating art, they develop a sense of innovation that will be important in their adult lives.

· Art is a way to encourage the process and the experience of thinking and making things better!

· Most importantly: Art is FUN!

The Hangout

In The Hangout, children can relax and enjoy in playing traditional games such as chess, checkers, skee ball, etc. We also have PS3, XBox, arcade games, and air hockey tables. If that is not of their interest, they can also just "hangout" in one of our booths. 

Lights, Camera, Action

In Lights, Camera, Action, children can express themselves either in a skit/play, do karaoke, or just relax and watch a film favorite. We also like to utilize this room for group games and group discussions. 

The Cafe

In our cafe, school age children will be offered breakfast if they are here before school, a snack upon arrival at the facility in the afternoon, and supper at 5:00pm. When meals are not being served in our cafe, children can utilize this space for crafts, games, and activities.


In our library, children can relax and read a book or do their homework in a more private space.